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Devorah Jacoby at Donna Seager Gallery

Devorah Jacoby: Geography

March 4 - March 30 , 2008    •   Reception for the Artist: Friday, March 14, 6 to 8pm
Previews by appointment: March 1 – 3 .

A year and a half after her sell-out exhibition of 2006, Devorah Jacoby returns to the gallery with a powerful new group of paintings.  Entitled Geography, the exhibition takes the viewer to places both real and in the imagination with bits of maps and clues to help us find our bearings.  Jacoby dances skillfully in these painterly works between detailed imagery and abstraction, presenting to us her own vision of the joys and pitfalls lurking in the corners of every day existence.

There is an ambiguity between flying and falling, fearlessness and fright which resonates to the heart of modern day life. In one painting, people are boarding a big plane with loved ones looking on, surely a sight that strikes home in a post-9/11 world.  Two children circle a single chair, as in Musical Chairs, waiting for the music to stop when one will win and one will lose.  But even with the foreboding shadows, there is a charm and beauty to these works that is the hallmark of Jacoby’s painting.   She is not uncheerful, even as she looks unflinchingly into the complex world we inhabit.

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Gallery Talk: Friday, March 21 . 6pm.    •    RSVP:

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