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Sylvia Gonzalez
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Red Chicken, Sylvia Gonalez at Donna Seager Gallery
Allen's on Vine, Sylvia Gonzalez at Donna Seager Gallery
Jackrabbit on Ferns, Sylvia Gonzalez at Donna Seager Gallery
Burrowing Owl on Elephants, Sylvia Gonzalez at Donna Seager Gallery
Anna's on Jasmine, Sylvia Gonzalez at Donna Seager Gallery
Allen's Hummingbird, Sylvia Gonzalez at Donna Seager Gallery   Kingfisher on Ferns, Sylvia Gonzalez at Donna Seager Gallery   Saw Whet Owl on Elephants, Sylvia Gonzalez at Donna Seager Gallery

Red Chicken, drawing on monotype, 22 x 15


Sylvia Gonzalez: New Work
September 1 - October 15,2011     
Reception for the Artists, Saturday, September 17, 6 to 8pm

Sylvia Gonzalez has distinguished herself among collectors for her astonishing compositions of fruits and vegetables. These works are more than just images of edible delights, they are color studies and compositions designed to arrive at the essence of the object being described. They are reminiscent of the still life compositions of Georgia O'Keeffe, whose work was known for its purity, boldness, clarity and scale. She uses bright uninhibited color to accent the sensuality and passion of her subject matter. Her newest work directs the same fervor to the study of birds, particularly California birds. Sylvia has developed a style of monotype that she puts down on the paper before drawing the birds in pastel. The effect is pattern upon pattern and the work is complex and compelling.

Sylvia Gonzalez has been drawing from the time she was a little girl. She was born in Atlanta Georgia. Her mother is German and her father, Cuban. They met while attending school at Georgia Tech. She received a BFA in art in 1984 and has worked with photography, colored photography, figure drawing, and monoprint, exploring various aspects of her art. She considers travel to be a great influence on her work. She has traveled in Europe, Costa Rica, Canada, Cuba and Southeast Asia.

This work is mixed media consisting of pastel and charcoal pencil drawings on top of mono print. The mono prints are layers of images and color, each image or layer of color being a single pass through the press.  Some have only one layer, most of them have several. 
            I use xerox copies of various things for the images, old family photographs and documents, maps, fabric, photos from magazines, and books. The xerox copy is essentially the printing plate, utilizing a lithography technique with gum arabic and water. On several of these pieces I have layered in images from Eadweard Muybridge’s book “Animals in Motion”. I  love these because of the pattern and repetition. I am drawn to pattern in  plants and insects and the stylized repetition of them in design. The images are one element of these pieces and make a compelling background texture.  The main element for me is color and that is where my creative process is most gratifying. I layer color upon color in search of the perfect one. This changes day to day, moment by moment. After layering of color is done and the prints have dried, then I make a decision about what I am going to draw on them.
            Why birds?  I suppose because because they can fly. To me they are beautiful, so small, ethereal, and elusive, sometimes catching only a glimpse. I feel so lucky when am able to get a good look, when one actually sits still long enough for me to have, l like to believe, a telepathic conversation, a real person to bird relationship. So, I draw them, as life like as possible, trying to capture the beauty of nature in art, that is the ultimate challenge. - Sylvia Gonzalez, 2011

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