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Ann Weber
Float and Sting, Ann Weber at Donna Seager Gallery   Turvey, Ann Weber at Donna Seager Gallery  
The Bride from The Wedding Party, Ann Weber at Donna Seager Gallery
  Topsy, Turvy and Miss Priss, Ann Weber at Donna Seager Gallery   String of Pearls by Ann Weber at Donna Seager Gallery   Almost by Donna Seager Gallery However Many Times It Takes by Ann Weber at Donna Seager Gallery   Go Ask Alice, Ann Weber at Donna Seager Gallery
Float and Sting, Ann Weber at Donna Seager Gallery

Float and Sting, 2010, re-cycled cardboard, staples, pvc pipe, sparvarnish, 115 x 24 x 23 inches and 119 x 33 x 37 inches, Created at the DeYoung Museum


Ann Weber brings to her work an entirely unique and exciting approach to sculpture. Using cardboard as her medium, she weaves, staples and shellacs works that are so organic and resolved that they seem to come from nature itself. We feel a surge of recognition even though we have never seen them before. Many of the sculptures are large, up to 16 feet tall and yet they are light and easy to install in both homes and buildings. They have been and can be cast in both bronze and fiberglass.

Weber's sculpture is reminiscent of Martin Puryear in it's structural simplicity and the fact that the outside suggests the inside. Puryear once said that "if it isn't beautiful on the inside, it won't be beautiful on the outside". Weber's forms mimic nature but do not copy it. All great works of art must at least intuit nature and the way it behaves on some level in order to ring true. Weber is faithful to her astute intuitions.

.Over the years, Ann had attempted to work in color, but had not found a solution that didn’t take away from the organic nature of the work.  On a recent residency in Germany, Ann found that natural cardboard was not available and she created works made from brightly colored and white cardboard boxes and found the answer to her quandary.  We are the first to show the new work in many different sizes.  Playful and original, these new works have the structural integrity and organic presence that have been the uncanny characteristics of Weber's art from the beginning.
Ann Weber received her BA from Purdue University and her MFA in Sculpture with Viola Frey at the California College of Arts and Crafts.

Watch Ann Weber on public television's program, Spark here

Love and Other Audacities, Ann Weber Catalog, Donna Seager Gallery

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Love and Other Audacities,from her show at the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum
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