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Ninja Press (Carolee Campbell)
The Intimate Stranger, Carolee Campbell at Donna Seager Gallery   The Intimate Stranger, Carolee Campbell at Donna Seager Gallery   The Intimate Stranger, Carolee Campbell at Donna Seager Gallery   Burn Down the Zendo, Carolee Campbell at Donna Seager Gallery      

\The Intimate Stranger, Carolee Campbell at Donna Seager Gallery  

Ninja Press

The Intimate Stranger
By Breyten Breytenbach
2007. Edition of 100.

IIn this brilliant prose poem, Breyten Breytenbach draws subtle parallels between the geography of the land and the shifting landscape of the human heart. Carolee Campbell's treatment of the work is as complex and beautiful as the text itself. Fiinely grained pages match the shape of text in paper. Subtle symbols and and sky charts give hints to directions and meanings.

13 x 7.5"; 40 pages. 100 numbered and signed copies with an additional 10 lettered hors commerce. The type is hand-set Samson and Libra printed letterpress on dampened flax paper handmade especially for this book by Bridget O’Malley at Cave Paper. A horoscope, as well as the multicolored signs and symbols seen throughout the text, are drawn by Carolee Campbell and printed from photopolymer plates. Additional symbols are applied by hand using pure earth pigments. The boards are covered in flax paper hand coated with a mixture of ochre pigment and fine volcanic pumice. A second inner cover holds the text and is sewn into the spine with a thin purple silk cord. An additional hardcover enclosure, handmade by Judi Conant, protects the book and echoes the theme of the artwork using an artful locking device. A separate chapbook containing a legend for the text-inspired signs and symbols completes the edition. It is printed letterpress in eight colors with three additional pigments applied by hand. It is printed on dampened Nideggen in Samson and Libra and is sewn with silk into a flax paper cover. The design, presswork and binding are by Carolee Campbell at Ninja Press with the assistance of Karen Skove Chu in the bindery.


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