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Doug Beube

Seemen, Doug Beube at Donna Seager Gallery

  W's Twisted Meanings detail, Doug Beube at Donna Seager Gallery  
Border Crossing, Doug Beube at Donna Seager Gallery
  Partition, Donna Seager Gallery      
Border Crossing, Donna Seager Gallery  

Doug Beube

Doug Beube is a mixed-media artist who works in collage, installation, sculpture and photography. He is an independent curator as well as the curator of a private collection for Allan Chasanoff in New York City entitled, The Book Under Pressure, which utilizes the book for purposes other than their utilitarian form. Doug teaches classes in mixed-media, artist’s books and photography and is invited to lecture at universities and art programs during the year. He teaches in the photography department at Parsons The New School and is a graduate advisor at the School for the Visual Arts in New York City. Doug exhibits both nationally and internationally and his bookworks and photographs are in numerous private and public collections.




Border Crossing: In the War Room                                                                                                          
altered atlas, zipper
19 x 22 1/2 x 1/2 in.

            The pages of an atlas are cut into equal halves and aluminum zippers are stitched into them. A number of maps representing a variety of countries are connected using additional zippers on each end of the pages. The colorful pages with relief views of land formations and bodies of water with abstract markings can be fastened or re-connected in numerous combinations. Expanding the notion of the codex becomes versatile which traditionally has a fixed number of pages bound together with a common spine. A system of using zippers is endless; pages can be added, deleted or interchanged at will.

            The pages can be viewed on a single plain or they can be constructed as prisms and other shapes that exaggerate the flat space into peaks and valleys and geographical borders that represent these alterations, they become malleable.

            The inspiration to construct Border Crossing in a digital age is based upon computer software programs, which uses the technology of ‘cutting’ and ‘pasting,’ transforming a predetermined alignment of information to be variable.



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