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Alisa Golden
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Critical Opalescence


Critical Opalescence

2004. The softcover bookettes are housed in a hardcover portfolio with a pocket. The portfolio measures 4 1/4" x 7 1/2". The bookettes are 3" x 3", 4" x 4" and 4" x 7". Edition of 40 copies.

Three autobiographical stories in three separate bookettes reflect on the comfort derived from being on the ice, from tears and at the ocean.

Critical Opalescence is 374 degrees, the temperature of water when it is neither a gas nor a liquid but varies between them creating a shimmering sparkle.

On the border of believability, these strange and funny stories are true. The ice rink, muses, and dolphins are explored. Rain and babies are touched.

The type is hand set. The books are letterpress printed with mixed-up media. All handmade.


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