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The Art of the Book
Sixth Annual Exhibition of Handmade Books,
Altered Books and Book Related Works

Howard Munson

more work by Howard Munson

Howard Munson is a book artist and printmaker with an interest in experimental forms. His books are characterized by the exquisite craftmanship of his bindings and prints. Munson is well known for his popups and teaches at the San Francisco Center for the Book.

Howard received his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. . He established the Academy of Art College's book arts classes, teaching there for 13 years. His prints and books have been shown at SFMOMA, the Chicago Art Institute, Mexico City's Galeria Metropolitana and the Pratt Graphics Center in New York.

Howard Munson, Architectonic No. 5, The Art of the Book at Donna Seager Gallery

Architectonic No. 5

Mixed media pop-up book with small etched book inside, 16 .5 x 24.5 open.


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