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The Art of the Book
Sixth Annual Exhibition of Handmade Books,
Altered Books and Book Related Works

Marie Dern


more work by Marie Dern

Marie C. Dern was born and raised in Salt Lake City. She attended the University of California, Berkeley, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree. After graduation she followed a course of study at the Sorbonne in Paris.

In 1974 Marie began Jungle Garden Press in Berkeley in the basement of a house surrounded by a wild garden. She has since printed and published more than 40 books, including her own writing as well as others. She also makes sculptural books, one of a kind and in small editions. Her books are printed letterpress and are bound by hand with attention to combining structure and content of the book to illuminate the meaning of the text. The subjects are most often humorous and ironic. Marie returned to school in the 1980s and received a Master of Arts degree in Book Arts from Mills College in 1986.

Books from Jungle Garden Press are found in many collections including the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Mills College Library and the New York Public Library.

Marie C. Dern, Not an Exit, The Art of the Book at Donna Seager Gallery

Not an Exit

Poems by Bill Berkson and images by Léonie Guyer. The utter spareness of this book is like the whispered drawings of Léonie Guyer. The collaboration between Berkson, Guyer and bookmaker Marie Dern was enjoyable on all fronts. Berkson's poems are humorous and poignant, relishing in the irony and delightful contradictions available at any moment of experience. The book reads like a journal of poetic moments with the kindsof observations caught on the fly but articulately brought forth.

Beautiful cave paper cover with binding by John DeMerritt, wrapped in a plain paper cover with simple sewn latch and title, mirroring the contents.



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