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The Art of the Book
Sixth Annual Exhibition of Handmade Books,
Altered Books and Book Related Works

Will Cloughley

Will Cloughley is a San Francisco based fine artist, philosophical essayist, poet
and lightshow producer, whose work encompasses drawing, mixed media, animation,photography and versions of the graphic novel. For the past several years Cloughley has concentrated exclusively on fine art works on paper and the hand-crafted artist's book, bringing to maturity his visual language and vision in a tactile medium. He is a hard-core Black Bookista, (37 numbered volumes so far), which are eccentric free form incubators for the essays, fine art and graphic novels that follow. A sketchbook journal is always by his side or with him in his backpack; he can often be spotted writing and drawing in the black books at his favorite San Francisco coffee houses, or out at solitary industrial landscapes being reclaimed by nature.

He gets around town on his all black cruiser bicycle wearing his signature black leather outback hat, and regularly gets out of town for a solo hike in one of his favorite nature spots, whether in nearby Mt. Tam or to one of his red rock desert spots where he says the Earth speaks to him most strongly.

He has an MFA in Creative Writing from State University of Iowa and taught writing at the college level. In 2006, a one-man retrospective show at Gallery 276 in San Francisco featured a selection of Cloughley's 35 years of sketchbook journals and in 2009 his unique sculpture/book, RED ROCK, BLACK SUN, was shown at the Codex International Book Fair and afterwards at the Donna Seager Gallery.  In 2011 the extended RRBS Book & Video project won Cloughley the honor of being chosen as one of 10 of the Bay Area's artistic "Masterminds" by SF Weekly and featured his work at the 4th annual Artopia Show.

Will Cloughley, Cycles, The Art of the Book at Donna Seager Gallery


Year:  2010
Description/Medium:  drawing and poetry by Will Cloughley, Unique accordian artists book, Lennox, 100% rag paper, graphite, colored pencil and ink, cover material and slipcase` book cloth, binding by Howard Munson.

This self-portrait of the artist skillfully drawn in colored pencil ink uses the bicycle to illustrate the way we move forward in cycles.

Dimensions:  11-1/4" x 8"



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