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The Art of the Book
Sixth Annual Exhibition of Handmade Books,
Altered Books and Book Related Works

Alicia Bailey


Born in Denver, Alicia Bailey has always lived in Colorado, currently maintaining a studio and residence in the Denver metro area. She received her BFA in Studio Arts with an emphasis in printmaking and photography from the University of Colorado. Bailey has worked as a studio artist since then in a variety of two- and three-dimensional media.For the past twelve years, she has focused on the book form. A familiarity with many materials is invaluable to her approach to the book as interactive sculpture. Expanding the conceptual definition of 'book', she often works with non-traditional materials such as glass, porcelain and steel, although for practical purposes most of her limited edition work relies on more traditional book materials and structures. Alicia Bailey has achieved national recognition in this field and works as a visiting artist and instructor throughout the United States.  Her work has been exhibited in 35 solo and over 100 group exhibitions in the US, Ireland, Austria, Mexico, England and Canada.

Theia Mania, Alicia Bailey at Donna Seager Gallery

Theia Mania

6.75 x 5.25 x 1" tin container with snap lid holds 3 books, sachet, and audio CD. Colophon tipped in interior lids of container. Stiff decorative 2" cloth band slips on tin as decorative closure mechanism. Components: Madness of the Gods: 4.9 x 4.9"; 16 pages. Bound with tinted tyvek using woven binding based on a Claire van Vliet structure. Pastepaper pastedowns. Illustrated paper boards, Potions: 1 x 3.75"; 10 pages. Piano hinge binding using metal hinges. Illustrated paper boards, Contributors: 1.12" diameter circular book; 22 pages. Accordion structure. Ribbon spine. Laid in round aluminum tin with clear lid. Title printed on lid, Theia Mania CD produced by Alicia Bailey & Scott Waknin, AMP A/V Studio: 4.6" round with printed illustrated label. Housed in matching illustrated 5" square envelope, Sachet of Herbs: 1 x 3.5" clear plastic envelope; herb seeds. Illustrated sticky closure. Instruction sheet laid in. Text visible through enclosure.

Printing techniques: laser etching, color laser print, color inkjet print, black and white laser print, laserprinted metal foil, and relief printing.



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